Behind Indigo Flow

You have me, Marine. I'm sharing here some context about my story, my way of life, and my approach. So you get to know me, just a little bit more. And see how I work.

My emotional journey

From completely closed.

Well, at first, my emotions and I weren't friends. The less I would feel them, the better. Especially those annoyingly painful ones. Suppress, protect myself, stay safe. Put everything under the carpet, and don't look at it. That was the idea.

To opening up.

Until I came across defining moments and life-changing encounters. I started to open up to this lost world inside of me. Slowly changing my perspective on my reality and my relationship to my emotions. 

To flowing.

And you know what? I figured out that feeling all my emotions was way more constructive than suppressing them. I feel deeply connected to myself, more aligned, more grounded. I simply feel like I came back to life. Literally. 

Such a wonderful journey! And I'd like to share it with you. Shall we take a few steps together?

My vision of life

Life is all about living it. There is no end-goal. You can't do anything right or wrong. It's all about experiences.

Life is about life. 

How lucky are we to be here? To witness this human experience. 

Yes, it's not always easy, but this is also what makes it so worth it. 

With all its ups and downs. Its pains, its wonders. Its happy moments and sad moments. Life is all of that. 

Nothing is just black or white. It's a bit of both, and everything in between. 

It's all about experiences that make you grow and discover yourself.

Life is an experience of yourself. 

Living life means meeting with yourself. Finding out who you are at the deepest levels. 

You create what happens to you. 

Like a radio, you emit waves of information that attract the matching situations, people, and events. 

Observe your experience of life right now, and you will understand what's inside of you. 

Your unconscious beliefs, fears, dreams, desires...

Life is what you decide to make it. 

We live our lives based on our sensations. 

How we feel impacts our perception of the world around us. 

Become aware. Transmute your emotions. Transform your reality. 

It all starts with a choice. 

The choice to give yourself time and space to feel.

You're one decision away from completely twisting your storyline. The way you relate to the world, and yourself!
In the end, you realize that life doesn't happen to you or for you... 
You are life.

My coaching approach

It's gonna be intense and gentle at the same time. We look at things buried under the carpet, for real. And I help you change your perspective and process whatever surfaces in a smooth way.


I welcome everything you have to share, without judgment. Who am I to judge? You'll see, with me you can say anything.


I bring you to the heart of your problems. No way around with me. This is how you shift and go to the next chapter of your life.


I'm with you. I hold space for you to meet with yourself. I help you calm down when things get intense.

Why did I become a coach?

Personal experience. My life improved so dramatically that I felt I had to share. Natural drive to help people. It made sense to become a coach. Feeling completely aligned when I coach. I found my path.

Personal experience.

What a journey I went on some years ago! It started with the basics of personal development. Mindset, positive thinking, motivation hacks. 

To finding out that there is more to life with spirituality. I started to see the world differently from what I was taught it was. More whole, connected, harmonious. 

To realizing that I put a lot of stuff under the carpet. Time to connect back to my emotions. Reconnect to myself, the deepest parts of myself. A long long way to go. 

Coachings, yoga, traveling, Vipassana, Theta healing, Gi Gong,... So many new insights, realizations, and learnings. 

Today, I feel like a new me. Honestly. The way I live my life is so much more fulfilling. I feel deeply alive. More and more aware, and connected to all there is. 

I have a beautiful relationship with myself, my emotions. So many fears went away, making the space free for creation. For getting the life I want. Becoming who I want to be.

Natural drive to help.

Since very young, I have had a natural drive to help people. Especially with learning. And advising on life topics. 

My friends naturally come to me when they have an issue. They know I will listen, and give them proper advice. And most importantly, they trust me. They know I don't judge. 

Same for people I just met. There is a feeling of instant trust and connection. People feel safe opening up and sharing their stories with me. 

And I love doing that. It instantly energized me. I could be super tired, but if it comes to helping people with life aspects, you can always find me! 

So it made sense to me to go in the life coaching direction. And because my life had improved so dramatically, I wanted to help people do the same.

This is my purpose.

When I'm coaching, I become fully alive. I feel I'm exactly where I have to be and doing what I have to do. I feel aligned. 

Helping people change their lives gives me so much energy. Seeing how they feel after some sessions fills my heart with love and gratitude. It just makes me happy. 

I know this is my purpose here. I know I'm made for this. And I know I'm good at what I do. 

Over the years, I became an emotional transmutation artist. Helping first myself, and then people process their emotions in their natural way. Finding their own flow. Rewriting their stories. 

And I'm so grateful I get the chance to share my practice and learning! 

I keep training constantly because I freaking love what I do. My coaching evolves with my new skills. 

So I'm even more personalized in my approach. And I can provide an amazing experience for my clients!

Some last words

„Just you being here, reading me, breathing, is enough. You don't have to do anything. But if you want to, you can. And I'm here for you.”

Marine Saxstad
Interested in working with me?
If this resonates and aligns with you, and if you feel I can help you, then let's get in touch. A beautiful story is to be written down.