Pure Awareness

To make a change, you need to know your inner world. Feel when something is happening. Become aware. This is the key to your journey.

Why do you need this?

Be yourself again.

Awareness brings you right back to yourself. It teaches you how it is to be fully you again. Without censor. Without conditions. Free and happy to be you.

Stop reacting, start acting.

When you react to events, you let your unconscious patterns rule. When you become aware, you get the power back. You act. You become the person you want to be.  

Be more present.

Becoming aware leads to being more present. You feel more alive. More connected, authentic, aligned... Less impacted by conditioning, by what others think. You become you. 

What are we going to do together?

Explore your inner world to become familiar with it. Become fully aware of your sensations, your emotions, and your thoughts. How they impact each other. How they make you who you are today. And set yourself free from this game.


Develop pure awareness in all dimensions: sensations, emotions, and thoughts. Explore their interconnections and mutual influences. 


Experience the nature of all things: everything comes and goes. Nothing stays fixed. Realize that "your" emotions and thoughts are not you. Just passing sensations. 


Stop buying into what you think or feel. Go beyond. Tap into your uniqueness. Your essence. Love. This is what you will always find the deeper you go within yourself.  

The key benefits

Quite a few. Here are the three main ones to me. You'll experience so much more.

More serenity.

Because you are aware. Of the sensations' game. So you go beyond it. You know peace, joy, and love are always at the core. And you know how to access them.

More freedom.

Free from conditioning, unconscious beliefs, fears... Because you know how to go through them. By acting differently. New decision after new decision. You set yourself free.

More life.

You open up to life. You stop clinging to the past. You make space. You are present. You access the wonders that couldn't reach you before. You just enjoy life so much more.

How do we do it?

A 5 weeks transformational journey, easily incorporated into your daily life. With a beautiful community to support you in your journey. 

Step by step.

If you want to climb a mountain in one go, good luck with that. Deep lasting changes happen over time. Incrementally. That's why it's a step-by-step transformational journey. 

In community.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go further, go together. You make this journey with an intimate group of like-minded souls. Much more motivating and profound. 

From home.

If you can't go to the retreat, let the retreat come to you. I know how busy you are. So I designed this program to be easily implemented into your daily life. Wherever you are.

The Program

  1. Week 1: Sensations
    We start the journey by exploring sensations. This step is fundamental for the rest of the program. Everything is based on what you sense.
  2. Week 2: Emotions
    We go deeper with emotions. Find out how your emotions express themselves inside of you. Learn how to modulate and balance them out. 
  3. Week 3: Thoughts
    We take a step higher up with our thoughts. Learn how to just observe them. So they stay where they are, without impacting your reality.
  4. Week 4: Integration
    It's time to observe all sensations, emotions, and thoughts at the same time. You'll witness how one influences the others. And understand how it shapes your reality.
  5. Week 5: Expansion
    We expand to go beyond the feeling game. Using awareness, you realize that you're not any of that. You experience the connection and oneness with all there is. 
What you get for signing up

I want to make sure you can implement your learnings for life. So here is what you get in this 5 weeks transformational journey.

5 Live Sessions

You'll have 1 live session per week. Where we dive into the topic of the week. You get the knowledge, and we put it into practice.

Practical Tools

Knowledge becomes wisdom when you practice it. You have to experience for yourself to transform. Hence the tools.

Extra Coaching

Because I know myself and I love being with you in your journey. So I will naturally share insights and advice for you to grow.

Awareness Journal

The journey is mainly happening internally. The journal helps you keep track of your progress and your realizations.

Private Group Chat

You have access to the group discussion reserved for this program. You can ask your questions and share your progress.

1 Extra Session

For a smooth transition out of the program. One last session for you to share your experience and get final advice.
Here is the total investment for the program. That's the value you get for it:
  • 5 + 1 live sessions
  • Tools to practice
  • Coachings for 5 weeks
  • Awareness Journal
  • Private Group Discussion
Investment in you
You can pay in one or two installments of 475€. One before starting, and one after 1 month. I'll send you the payment details. 
By bank transfer or Wise.

"Right from the start, I had complete trust in her, and my intuition proved me right."

"Marine is a true master of her craft, with the ability to guide you towards life-changing insights and realizations. She has a gentle approach that helps bring to the surface the things we have buried deep within ourselves. One aspect that impressed me was her consistent check-ins with me. If a realization from a previous week was difficult to handle, she wouldn't push me to go even deeper in the following week. Instead, she would provide a soothing meditation to help me process it all. This is an example of her humanism and adaptability to the unpredictable path of the individuals she guides. Overall, I would describe this journey with Marine as both raw and gentle."

Let's do it!

I'm so looking forward to guiding you on this deep transformational journey. Awareness is the core practice of any healing experience. And you're about to unlock it.