Inner Odysee

It's time for you to dive deep inside of yourself, and finally address everything you put under the carpet over the years. Ready?

Why do you need this?

Accept yourself.

Any change you make in your life should come from a place of love. When you accept all parts of yourself, you can evolve into a new version. So let's teach your system unconditional love!

Release trauma.

We all have trauma, fears, and locked emotions buried within us. They don't serve us. Especially not for creating the life we want. When you let go of them, you can build a new story.

Manifest your life.

You're the creator of your reality. You can call in anything you want. Choose who you want to be. The games you want to play. And here, we'll activate your manifesting power.

What are we going to do together?

Observe. Dive. Create. First, you become aware of your inner world. Then we dive deeper into your problematics. And finally, I help you manifest a life that fits you. 


Before cutting, you have to sharpen the knife. Same here. We sharpen your awareness so you can dive properly after. With the right equipment: equanimity and mindfulness.


Now we can dive and address your blocked emotions. With the right approach. So you can face them with serenity and process them to the surface, out of your system.


After (re)building the house, we design. We create a vision for you and bring in emotions with higher frequencies: peace, joy, love... Whatever you want we program in your system.

The key benefits

There are honestly so many that I would need a few pages. But I want to stay concise, so here you go.

More love.

For yourself and others. You learn how to accept yourself more. Give yourself more love. And your love flows naturally to the world. That's the sign of healing.

More aligned.

When you decide to shift your perspective and make a change... Life turns into a new direction: more aligned, more fulfilling... more alive!

More stories.

True happiness comes when you're free to be you. All of you. Do what you want. Without the old stories, fears, and traumas blocking you. We rewrite your storyline here.

How do we do it?

A subtle mix of feeling, visualizing, and talking. To get you exactly where you have to be.
On a one-on-one coaching. Just you and me. In a safe space.
Fully focused on your deepest transition.


I mainly use guided meditation and visualization to bring you closer to your unconscious. 


Emotional Transmutation Flow. I'll teach you how to tap into your body's natural intuition to transmute emotions.


We exchange during the whole process. I guide you depending on what you're experiencing inward.
WHAT happens when you SIGN UP

Get ready to immerse yourself in a transformative journey. I created this container for you to feel safe to explore yourself to the deepest levels.


Just you and me fully focusing on your transformation. We walk the steps together. I hold space for you to create the safest and best environment for your inner exploration.

4 months

A 4-month container to offer you the time and space you need to transform and meet new versions of yourself. A proper opportunity for a major identity shift.


1 session per week for 16 sessions total. With direct access to me for anything you need. I'm your coach, your mentor. I'm with you all the way.

Extra gifts

You receive extra material outside the sessions. Tools and practices, personalized guided meditations, extra coaching... It's more than a coaching, it's a proper reset.

Private chat

This space is for you to share anything you want. From your insights to your fears, your struggles, questions... I'll be there for you. Respectful of our boundaries.

Designed for you

I tune in with you verbally, emotionally, and energetically. So we adapt each session to what makes the most sense for you to work on. We connect to your body's wisdom.
Here is the investment per week for the coaching. That's the value you get for it:
  • One-on-one coaching
  • A step-by-step transformation
  • 1 session per week
  • A private chat with me
  • Extra material
  • A journey 100% designed for you
Investment in you
So for 16 weeks (4 months), it's 4 800€. We can see together for the number of installments. I'll send you the payment details.
By bank transfer or Wise.
This journey is not a quick fix. It's a process. With ups and downs. Beautiful and painful moments. For real transformation happening deep within. 

"Right from the beginning, I had complete trust in Marine, and my intuition proved me right."

"Marine is a true master of her craft, with the ability to guide you towards life-changing insights and realizations. She has a gentle approach that helps bring to the surface the things we have buried deep within ourselves. One aspect that impressed me was her consistent check-ins on me. If a realization from a previous week was difficult to handle, she wouldn't push me to go even deeper in the following week. Instead, she would provide a soothing meditation to help me process it all. This is an example of her humanism and adaptability to the unpredictable paths of the individuals she guides. Overall, I would describe this journey with Marine as both raw and gentle."

Are you willing to trust the process?

Then, you're at the right place. I'm looking forward to seeing you on the boat. Getting you ready to explore your inner sea. And manifest a brand new life for you. Aligned, alive, and free.