7 days stop overthinking challenge

Are you ready to make decisions a fun game? A moment you look forward too. Not a chore that you put off and fear. But a moment that you genuinely enjoy. 

Well, let's start straight away. Here is your first decision: investing in this challenge. Investing in yourself.

I believe you deserve to invest at least 2€ per day in yourself. Don't you think? 

Especially when you get so much value in return. A step by step process that will get you unstuck. And give you the impulse you need to move forward in your life!

If you've been struggling with life sofar, because you lack clarity, feel lost, don't know what decision to make... then this challenge is 100000 times worth your investment today.

In the end, you do you. 

I just know how well this is going to serve you.

And I know that once you get access to it, you'll be so grateful you streched a bit out of your comfort zone today, so that you make tomorrow a little better. 

So, what decision are you going to make today? Do you choose yourself or your comfort zone?

Drop into your heart, your emotions. What's going on right now inside of you? Notice your sensations. Does it feel exciting? A bit stressful? Are you feeling scared? Grateful? Brave and courageous?

Well, then you're definitly where you have to be and this investment is going to expand you!

This is how making decisions should feel: expansive!

I'll teach you much more on the challenge. 

You'll see, you'll be blown away by how easy it can be to make decisions! And how good it will make you feel. 

I'm looking forward to doing it with you!

See you on the other side.

14(+20% TVA)